Full Moon Ritual

 with Spiritual Medium Melissa Boyd 

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I was blessed to meet Melissa in one of my recent teacher trainings at Kripalu. Melissa has many gifts,  a lot of knowledge and a big heart. This is a first introduction of Melissa where she shares with us her "Full Moon Ritual". 

From the age of 9, Melissa could connect with the spirit world. Melissa began her developmental journey at a young age taking classes at spiritual book stores in her teens and eventually studying at the Arthur Findlay College, the world’s foremost college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences.

Melissa has studied with some of the most innovative minds of our time including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and best-selling author James Van Praagh, whom she studied with at the Omega Institute. Melissa has also attended numerous workshops and seminars to increase her spiritual development under the guise of such well-known high vibrational teachers including Deepak Chopra, Minister Val Williams, Tony Stockwell, Diana Cooper, John Holland, Panache Desai, and YogiDesai.

Melissa received her Master’s in Public Policy and Management from the Muskie School of Public Service and a Bachelors in Communications from the University of Southern Maine. Melissa is also a Reiki Master, a seasoned yoga instructor, and is in training for her 500 hour intensive yoga therapy certification from the Kripalu School of Yoga.

Melissa offers spiritual medium services, yoga workshops and luminous business coaching to clients around the globe. She also developed the Samadhi Meditation box which includes mala beads, a usb with a video to help you use your box. 

She has two meditation cds and below is a free sample of one of her chakra meditations.

Full Moon Ritual 

We are all energy.  The moon is such an amazing connection that we all share.  The moon pulls on the tides, creates synergy and magnetic connections.  As we are made up of energy and water the moon pulls on us too.  The moon works in phases and the full moon effects can last up to four days. I grew up in the mountains and the moon was always so bright in the sky- only a few streetlights and only one blinking yellow light graced the mountain I grew up on was 2, 500 feet above sea level.  There were nights when I felt I could pluck the moon out of the sky.  I knew at a young age the power the moon had on the earth and us as being. 

The full moon pours an amazing amount of cosmic energy onto the earth and with the right intention, you can develop a full moon ritual. Crystals have tremendous healing power. In the ritual I have developed. I use an apophyllite stone which is found in the mountains of India and has tremendous vibrational healing energies. Stones are the bones of the earth one teacher told me and I could not agree more.  

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I invite you to consider to develop your own full moon ritual to clear and amplify things in your life. 

To create a full moon ritual.  You can do the ritual by yourself or conduct it in a group circle.  The importance is that you undertake this with a high heart and are intentional about the process from beginning to end. 

1. Create a space indoors or outside where you can light a candle and place a stone such as quartz or apophyllite in the middle of a circle if with  a group of people or in front of you if to are doing this solo  

2. Start the ceremony at the height of the full moon

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3. Start by setting an intention for the group or for yourself .  Sample Intention " We call on the cosmic healing energy of the full moon to purify our spirits and amplify our deepest hearts desire"  (note some full moons have names you may want to call it by name or say the full moon then state the date aloud )

4. Now light the candle and say " As I light this candle we call in the river of healing light this moon creates. "

5.Invite yourself and all group members to pass around the stone you have chosen for your ritual as they hold the stone, each person will set their intention to purify or release a pattern or amplify some aspect of their lives.  This is said silently, while the stone is being passed the group may be silent or chant Om Gam Ganapatye Namaha which is the Ganesh Chant, Remover of Obstacles and Bringer of abundance. 

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6. Once everyone has passed the stone then place it in the circle next to the candle.  

7. Now state these words " Great spirit, grandmother moon we ask that you shine your light on our souls, absorb our intentions and enlighten our lives with your many blessings and that you continue to shine over our earth, the rivers, oceans, our tears and fill our hearts with the golden wisdom of the heaven worlds. "

8. Then you blow of the candle and pass the stone around have each person thank the stone and send a blessing to the moon silently.

9. The ritual ends with bowing to each other and opening arms and hands to the sky

I have seen people shift years of suffering just with one ritual, it really works and using such a powerful process with intention is key. 

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Melissa is a Spiritual Medium, Vibrational Yoga and Soul Evolution Mentor to learn more about her Soul Tools , Mediation Boxes and Children of the Light Cards, Vibrational Acceleration Cards and Solfeggio Meditations visit www.melissaboyd.net 

Now we would love to hear from you,  share with us at the comments below: Do you have your own "Full Moon Ritual? Have you participated in a Full Moon Ritual, what's your personal experience. Also try to get together with your tribe or solo and try Melissa's ritual and tell us your experience. I will also share in the comments below my personal experience. 

Much Love and Brightest Blessings,

Aggeliki and Melissa