Smudge Spray


What is Smudging 

We are like sponges, we absorb energy anywhere we are, and it is important to not absorb the negative energies around us. There are many ways to clear the negative energy around us and one of my favorite practices is the ritual of “smudging.”  Smudging is an ancient practice that clears low vibrations and stuck energies. Burning sacred herbs and resins is perhaps the most time-tested method for energetically cleansing a space. This involves burning sage leaves that create a powerful smoke in the air, palo santo wood, resins such as myrrh, frankincense. But what happens when you are in a public space and you can’t or aren’t allowed to light up a smudging bundle? A more practical practice to clear the air is to use smudge spray.

Simply cleanse your space of negative or stagnant energy with a few sprays provides all the benefits of sage smudging or space clearing without the smoke! Clears negative energy, promotes protection for self, home, work promotes restful sleep when smudged on sheets and pillows and the best thing is that you can have it with you everywhere you go.

How to Smudge 

Gently shake. Spray in areas with negative or stagnant energy. Use 1-3 sprays in each area. Start spraying while walking around your living space or hold it over and around your body. As you do, set the intention inwardly to yourself or aloud to release any toxic energy you or the space you are in has absorbed. The Smudge Spray leaves a light, pleasant aroma with all the benefits of traditional sage smudging. Perfect for anyone with sensitivities.

When to Smudge 

Use this spray wherever you can’t light a smudge to immediately clear your space and surround yourself in uplifting and positive vibrations.

  •  Moving into a home
  •  After an illness
  •  After an argument, break-up, or trauma
  • Anytime you detect negative or unwanted energy in your space
  •  Between Clients
  • Before an important meeting
  • Before and after parties or open houses

Where to Smudge 

  • home                     
  • office                 
  •  yoga studios                    
  •  healing space                   
  • ceremonies                    
  •  hotel room