Healthy Raw Drinks

Raw drinks and hydration is it’s a big part of “Detox + Slim Plan” below I explain how our bodies benefit from raw, fresh drinks and I introduce some of the raw drinks you can find in “Detox Plan” plus their benefits.


With juicing and blending our veggies, fruits and raw nuts, we benefit our bodies with fresh, raw food. Everything is predigested, it speeds up the process of the nutrients reaching your blood stream in a matter of moments, the body works minimally, that makes it easier for the digestive system which works less to break down nutrients and it gives us quick energy.


Green - Citrus - Root Raw Juices 

These are the main 3 Raw Juices that are used in “Detox Plan”. The Green and Root Juice are consumed from day 3-5 and the Citrus Juice with Apple Cider Vinegar and more “everyday” to help boost the metabolism and burn fat.

Fresh Cold Pressed Juice nourishes our body with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and enzymes. Our bodies absorb the nutrients instantaneously because it doesn’t need to export energy to digest the fiber. 


In “Detox + Slim Plan” we don’t consume dairy products. Raw fresh milks such as Coconut Milk and Almond Milk are consumed daily. Below read the ingredients and benefits

Almond Milk


Raw Almonds

Filtered Water


Himalayan Salt



helps build strong teeth and bones

healthy heart

aids in weight loss

prevents bloating

improves digestion

rich in fiber

prevents colon cancer

gluten free

Coconut Milk


Coconut Manna (from Nutiva)

Coconut meat

Filtered water


Himalayan Salt


supports tissue healing and repair of intestines

regulates blood sugar

improves brain function

rich in fiber

healthy heart

good fats


Turmeric Milk 


  • coconut or almond milk

  • fresh turmeric root

  • cinamon

  • nutmeg


  • anti inflamatorry

  • gastrointestinal treatment

  • regulates cholesterol

  • regulates blood sugar

  • boosts detoxification

  • ease arthritis

  • supports natural weight loss

  • prevents cancer growth cells

  • supports muscle and joint health

  • treats depression


Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte or plain Matcha is one of the drinks I use in “Detox Plan” to help boost the metabolism, burn belly fat and improve energy and focus.


  • Organic Matcha (from Organic Burst)

  • coconut or almond milk


  • high in antioxidants

  • detoxifies

  • boosts metabolism

  • promotes weight loss and burns belly fat

  • increases energy and concentration

  • helps prevent cancer


Charcoal Latte 

This is my newest discovery and one of the new drinks that I add in “Detox Plan” as it is constantly evolving and updating. One of the best flavors and so refreshing for hot months with the addition of DoTerra, therapeutic grade peppermint oil. Below read the ingredients and benefits of this amazing superfood that my granmother was using for many things.


  • activated coconut charcoal (from Bulletproof)

  • coconut or almond milk

  • peppermint essential oil (DoTerra)

  • organic honey


  • alleviates gas and bloating

  • digestive cleanse

  • mold cleansing

  • anti aging

  • helps prevent hangovers

  • reduces high cholesterol


Maca Latte 

Are you confused between Maca and Matcha? You are not alone they sound the same but they are completely different. Matcha is a plant high in chlorophyl and comes from Japan where it is also used for the traditional “Matcha Green Tea Ceremony”. Maca is a root and it grows in South America in countries like Peru and Brazil.

We use Maca in “Detox Plan” as one of the alteratives for coffee. Below read the ingedients I use for Maca Latte drink and its benefits.


  • organic maca root (from Organic Burst)

  • fresh homemade coconut or almond drink

  • collagen protein (from further food -


  • increases energy

  • better stamina

  • balances hormones

  • enhances memory

  • regulates thyroid

  • reduces depression

  • stress relief

  • increases libido

Hope this blog post helps to inspire you to turn your kitchen in a superfood heaven, healthy drinks and hydratiotion are so important for a healthy body and mind and if you are healthy you are happy. For more tips on a healthy daily routine visit our Detox Plan .

To our Health,


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