The percentage of water that makes up our bodies, ranges between 60%-85%, we are more water than any other molecule. When we sleep water is lost throughout the night just carried on our breath. For the hormones to work properly and to repair muscle tissue, our bodies need water. When we sleep our body is recovering and our metabolism is recharging for the next day. So first thing in the morning have a glass of water to rehydrate all those cells, that lost fluid during the night and to rinse out the digestive track prior to starting your day. This way you set the stage for an energetic day.

 Lack of water is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, which also leads to weight gain. Pay attention during the day when you feel hungry, maybe you are thirsty. Drink a full glass of water then wait 20-30 minutes and see how you feel. When we feel thirsty that’s a sign that we are already dehydrated. Dehydration can negatively affect us in many ways. It decreases our memory, digestion, metabolism, body temperature and blood pressure.

Water transports toxins, cleansing without adequately hydrating causes toxins to re-circulate. Water comes in many forms from sipping on herbal teas, juices and smoothies to enjoying broth soups and eating vegetables and fruits you are contributing to deep hydration.

 Learn what’s the right time of hydration before, during and after meals to activate internal organs, help with digestion the body’s ability to recover during sleep and more at Detox and Slim Plan. 

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