Summer Collagen Coffee


Organic, clean coffee can have many benefits and especially if it is combined with other superfoods high in good nutrients.Below read the ingredients I use for mushroom coffee and its benefits. 


  • mushroom coffee (from FourSigmatic)
  • collagen protein (from Further Food)
  • coconut butter (from nutiva)
  • fresh homemade coconut or almond milk 

Mushroom Coffee Benefits 

  • supports brain and nervous system 
  • all natural cognitive enhancer
  • supports memory and concentration 
  • perfect for when reading, studying, writing 

How to make 

I add a packet of either Lion's Mane or Mushroom Mocha mix of Foursigmatic in half a cup of warm water, 1 scoop of Further Food Collagen, 1-2 tspns coconut butter or ghee butter and 1/2 -1 cup of nut milk to a nutribullet and blend for 30-40 seconds, then I add the frothy drink to a glass with ice. That's it!

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